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Over a decade of experience delivering great customer service, expertise in cutting and shaving with all tonsorial tools to fit your unique hair texture and growth patterns, in a fun, high energy environment, at a great value.

That’s just the short version!

The long story is…

My name is Monica. Despite my efforts to squash the nickname to fit in better when I switched schools in the 7th grade, most people refer to me as Mo. Who was I kidding!? As if a nickname or no nickname could make me cool! It was inevitable, soon enough my true eccentric, dorky, quirky, goofball colors would shine through and the name just stuck like sidewalk gum on your tennis shoe on a hot day. In the meantime, I was quickly growing into the independent , self motivated person my parents raised me to be. In fact, if you ever meet my parents my mom will tell you all about how she always knew I would someday be an entrepreneur, especially in some artistic field (among an assortment of other stories like “neonatal stat”, “mama’s baby”, “moby green”, “mo monkey”, and “songbird”… Why am I even writing an about me page when I could just give you her phone number?) I learned I didn’t just like customer service.

Eventually I came out of my shell and realized how much I love interacting with people! My knack for design and meticulous attention to detail, combined with my patience and desire to make people feel good about themselves, made me a perfect candidate for just such a profession. Flash forward and see me now excelling at my chosen profession with about 8 years under my belt specializing primarily in men’s haircuts and shaves. I also love cutting women’s hair and I’ll even trim up your munchkins! No pets though… Never again. Eventually I started feeling like I needed more out of my life, working for someone else wasn’t cutting it. (haha that’s punny, see what I did there!?) Now I get the thrill of embarking on a real life epic adventure of opening my very own salon creation.

As of April 17th, 2014, Mustache Mo’s was officially born. I strive to be the type of small business owner I would like to work for by creating a fun, upbeat atmosphere with cutting edge (catch that?) haircuts and the technique to achieve them. I don’t just want your business today, I want to save you from the haircutting chains of the world. At Mustache Mo’s I want to create an experience that leaves you compelled to come back time and time again. Within the next 8 years I hope to own my own space employing other successful stylists, be fluent in at least one other language, have the ability to perform a minimum of three hula hoop tricks, become a mediocre harmonica player, get to a level 25 wizard status, and do stand up comedy at least once.

Enough about me though, lets talk about you.